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Q&A with Belinda “Kamshuka” Barrocks

13 July 2011 No Comments

By Samuel Getachew

Belinda Barrocks, AKA Kamshuka, is a socially conscious superstar artist in the making. Her photography work has toured all over Canada as well as in the Bahamas and South Africa. She describes her amazing work as “the interpretation of her heart” through creative and unique images.

On Thursday, July 14th, she will host an annual fundraising event, now in its third year, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. The exhibition will feature her collection from her recent trip to South Africa and its titled “My Exotic Eye”. Sway caught up with the award winning artist as she prepares for her important fundraising event.

Sway: You are one of the better known up and coming talent in Toronto. Please describe yourself and the kinds of work you are involved in?

Belinda: I am the Owner & CEO of “Kamshuka.” An award-winning international photographer and artist who has taken her art to Dubai, the Island of Bahrain, the Bahamas and recently, to South Africa for 14 amazing days. Covering Fashion Week locally to overseas in Bahrain.

Tell us about the Kamshuka Gallery Show?

What better way is there to celebrate life than to enjoy the people and art therein. I started these gallery shows almost three years ago, every year featuring a beautiful place across the world and the people who are diverse and so beautiful. The predominately exotic art captures various images of landscapes, foreign lands and emotional expressions of people, this year being the beautiful South Africa.

What makes this event even more special is that giving back to the community and to a good cause has always been a big part of the KAMSHUKA Gallery Show. Last year, the Canadian Cancer Society and Kamshuka teamed up to raise funds towards breast cancer research. We will celebrate people, art and life as we give back to the community.

Where and when will the event take place?

It will be held at Mirage Grill & Lounge, 117 Eglinton East in Toronto, on Thursday, July 14th, between 6: 30 – 10:30pm.

You were recently in South Africa. It must have been a wonderful experience for you both as a person and also an artist. Please tell us about that experience?

Leaving Africa at an early age left negative memories of the civil war, memories of women and children screaming and blood stained bodies on the dusty roads. I was absolutely nervous to go back to “Africa”. I remember my heart clinching as we touched the ground and promising myself that I would take each day at a time. I was on a Freedom Tour and I wasn’t ready for all the emotions I’d encounter.

From one day to the other I was quiet emotional. From Robbin Island to seeing where Mandela was held prisoner to the township of Soweto. I couldn’t but imagine what if I was one of these young girls working so hard to better their families. Carrying food and watch home as some of them walked bear foot. My tears were immense as my eyes touched the lens of my camera to capture those moments. Going from beauty to beauty, South Africa left me grateful and full of joy. I went from shedding tears to walking in the streets with the local people, hearing the music and dancing. To me, I will never forget what I learned in South Africa…. I learnt “Unity”; Oneness; Together” . ”Ubuntu” meaning humanity towards others: “I am what I am because of who we all are”……goodbye Johannesburg

What are some of the works you’re currently involved in?

I recently started IMAGE BUILDING WORKSHOPS in the city, where we build esteem and confidence, show you how to groom and get ready to learn how effective branding is developed with pictures and with your own image. I am also currently working on my book, showing the victories but also sharing some of the things that have affected and caused me to use my story to drive into passion.

Any parting words?

Road blocks, potholes, traffic, wild animals, discomfort, bumpy and uneven areas- yet knowing this all: This road WILL take you into your greatest moment in LIFE. Keep going. Don’t stop. You are almost there…..I’m taking my own advice ~WE ARE BLESSED ~Kamshuka ………..written as I went up the mountain to Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa.


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