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Why Sway

Sway is the premier lifestyle magazine for African – and Caribbean Canadians. Its mission is to entertain, empower and educate, with a voice that reflects the successes, accomplishments, and pride of Canada’s Black communities.

Sway, published quarterly, was launched in the winter of 2005 with an editorial lineup that is thought provoking, uplifting, inspirational, and motivational. Sway has a circulation of 50,000 with an exclusive distribution through the Gateway Newstand locations in the TTC, 2500 Dreamboxes and strategic retail outlets.

Swaymag.ca is updated daily and is Canada’s premier online destination for African and Caribbean Canadians.

Sway is endorsed by the Black Business and Professional Association.

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Publisher/Editorial Director
Alan A. Vernon

Online Director
Leslie Andrachuk

Print advertising sales
Alan A. Vernon

Online Advertising Sales
Leslie Andrachuk
Jon Sarpong
[email protected]
Saada Branker
Stephanie Pollard
Alexis Finch
Tricia Campbell Hall
Elesia Stewart
Simona Siad
Online Editor
Shaundra Selvaggi
[email protected]
Online Contributors
Adebe DeRango-Adem
Abena A. Green
Anya Wassenberg
Brandon Hay
Cerise Fairfax
Chellie Mejia
Erica Phillips
Fabien Alexis
Geena Lee
Junior Burchall
Karen Welcome
Nicky Phillips
Rochelle Hanson
Saada Branker
Samuel Getachew
Shanichia Henry
Stephanie Lowe Williams
True Daley
Tendisai Cromwell
Krysta Celestine

Employment Opportunities

Freelance Contributors

Join Canada’s premier online destination for African and Caribbean Canadians.

Swaymag.ca is looking for new voices in the Black community.

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, sports fanatic, beauty expert, political buff, etc. we want you on our team.

Applicants should have:

Strong writing and grammatical skills
Research and fact-checking skills
ccess to a computer and reliable Internet connection
Online experience is an asset though not required
Please submit a cover letter and/or resume and minimum 2-3 relevant writing samples to: [email protected]


  • Monique Edwards said:

    Good Afternoon Sway Magazine,

    It was brought to my attention I should contact your magazine as you have an impressive way of communiating that of the reader and an intriguing marketbase.

    My name is Monique Edwards designer of the fashion and accessories line Simply Beautiful Designs. I had the benefit of launching two showcases this year: our summer show called “The Nicki Minaj Affair – Get your Barbie on” which was a tremendous success as a launch party. In addition to our fall showcase “Your So Beautiful” another sold out event.

    I landed in fashion after mastering hair styling and aesthetics. It has been a passion for several years and now is my living reality…hence my blessings.My first shwo was at Frugal Fashion Week May 2010 and the journey has been stepping stones to my success.

    I am contacting you as I would love to be featured in your magazine and would also like for you to attend my up coming show in Dec to catch a glimpse for yourself at my work.

    I have had the benefit of working with SNM Fashion magazine and collaboratign with them on their online designer portfolio. I am looking for more networking opportunities and was told SWAY is who i should get in contact with.

    Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Simply Beautiful Designs
    [email protected]

  • Lee-Anne said:

    I think a great article on community could be about The Heritage Singers which is a Caribbean-Canadian folk singing group that has been cuturally bridging gaps and educating not only Torontonians but others around the world and representing the beautiffuly diverse city in which we live. The group started in 1977 and has continuously exisited since with their own funding and from community support. The founder and musical director Grace Carter-Henry Lyons is listed in the Who’s who of Black Canada, PACE trailblazer award recipient, Harry Jerome Award recipient, awarded by the Goverment of Jamaica for her dedication to the country and so on. Often we do not educate the generations coming up behind those who came to canada to set the path for many of us that we have an identity and a cultural past like many other communities and it is quickly getting lost and it shouldn’t.
    Please check out the group website and consider doing an article on the group trying to preserve a dying part of many Torontonians ancestoral past.

  • Michelle said:

    Hi Sway:
    I think it is awesome that you are representing black Canadians in your magazine. We’re often an underepresented group in mainstream Canadian media. I like how you move away from the stereotypical images of black people as covered in the media, and instead, potray black people in a positive light and talk about black successes etc.
    This magazine is really inspiring for a young black girl like me who hope to make grounds in the future.

    Thanks a lot:)

  • Jackie said:

    Hello There;

    I worked with teens and have always had a copy or two of Sway in my office, because the articles in your magazine inspire the youth I work with. Unfortunately, I did not get a copy of the Winter 2010 edition. Will it be possible to pick up a copy at First Fridays on Jan. 7, 2011?

    Thank you for publishing an ‘awesome’ magazine.

  • swaymag (author) said:

    Hi Jackie,

    What a great thing to hear, we are so pleased that our stories are motivational for teens, and adults alike. Yes, we will be present at this First Friday and will be sure to have magazines there. You can ask for Thaddeus or Lisa from and they’ll help you out.

    All the best!

  • Joshua said:


    As a white male i am trying to grow an even greater appreciation for the vibrancy and great diversity of black culture. I am impressed with your work. Please keep it coming.

  • SJ said:

    Cool publication — I’m very impressed…


    In your 4 interviews regarding Black History Month, I can’t help but notice that Samuel Getachew saw fit to include a link to the Liberal Party website anchored on Michael Ignatieff’s name on the first line. Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May, and Jack Layton get no such links. Is it the position of Sway that the readership is to be directed to the Liberal Party website but not to the website of other parties? Seems pretty partisan.

  • AlanVernon said:

    Thanks for pointing this out — there was also a link for The Green Party, but you were correct that there was no link to the Conservative or NDP party websites. We have corrected the error. Thanks

  • interested in subscribing said:

    Hi, how can I subscibe to the magazine and what is your contact address and email?

  • swaymag (author) said:

    Hi, you can simply go to http://swaymag.ca/subscribe/, fill out the form and off you go. Thank you for Swaying with us!

  • swaymag (author) said:

    Hi, please do email our editor Shaundra at [email protected], thanks!!

  • Real politikks said:

    Ok. I am looking all over your site for track backs to previous issues. i am doing a research paer and i wanted to refrence your magazine. It would be really helpful if you added an info tab and section as well as a chance to reveiw areticles based on the month they were published as well as an issue search. I wont be able to use my anlaysis for my work without the correct reference.

  • swaymag (author) said:

    Thank you for your comment. All of the articles in the quarterly print publications are searchable on the site (by title or subject), but they’re not organized by issue, as we publish many original articles daily in addition to the print content. We’ll certainly take into consideration rounding up all the quarterly print articles into one section down the road.

  • Interested in submitting a piece said:


    I think what you are doing is great as our community is often starved of such avenues to communicate who we are and what matters to us. I’m so inspired that I’d like to share some of my pieces with you. Please advise how best to present a submission to your magazine as I’ve searched the site to no avail. Thanks!

  • swaymag (author) said:

    Hello and thank you for your interest. You may send submissions for the quarterly print magazine to Jon Sarpong,
    [email protected]; and online submissions to Shaundra Selvaggi, [email protected].

  • Toni said:

    Well I guess this is my only option

    I am looking for black decent family doctor. It would be nice to have a ph who understands our body chemistry and make up I have been searching for yrs and no luck..is there not any at all in toronto or outside toronto, I will travel if I have to..if anyone can help me pls reply or email me…[email protected]

    Thanks a million

    Ps sway mag is awsome… something I look forward to reading

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